Over 400 business have already had their licenses successfully granted, ranging from small delicatessens to butchers, we may also be able to help your business with the grant of a premises license or advise you on any other matter regarding your licence.

Licenses Act 2003

The introduction of the Licensing Act 2003 has lead to significant changes of the law in this area.We advise on every aspect of the Licensing Act 2003 from obtaining and advising on the licence, negotiating with local authorities to enforcement.

Premises License

A Premises license is granted to authorize your business to be used for ‘licensable activities’, such as Sale of Alcohol, or the provision of regulated entertainment; with over 400 licenses already granted, we may also be able to help your business.

Personal License

Rocha consultancy carries out Personal License course in English, Portuguese and Spanish; this is required for anyone who wishes to be a Designated Premises Supervisor to supervise the sale of alcohol in any

Transfer of License

If your business has been sold or if you have just acquired a new business that has a premises license, a transfer is required for the new owner to become the Premises License Holder.

Support for License Hearings

On occasion,  when there has been an objection to the application,  you may be asked to attend a License Hearing. We are able to advise how to best present your case to the board for a successfull outcome.

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Rocha Consultancy will asses, advise and accredit on all of your licensing needs.  Our bespoke and uniquely tailored service will meet your companies requirements. Contact us